Making a Good Relationship Last.

Amanda - Chatsworth, Georgia
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in a good relationship before sex, children, and marriage.

I think two people should consider getting to know each other a little better rather than crawling in bed with someone he or she met the night before. The problem these days is two people will notice one another at a club, or even a grocery store, and they think it’s love at first sight. That’s where I think he or she makes a mistake of moving too fast in their relationship. Couples are forming in these sort of situations everyday, and some of the results coming out of this are sex, unexpected children, and marriage. I believe there are ways we can prevent these things, and make relationships work better.

First, everyone needs to take long enough to get to know their partner. For instance, if someone met a girl at Club Paradise in Chatsworth, the chances of the two sitting down getting to know one another are 1 out of 5. The two would move on to more sexual things. A relationship would last longer and would work better if two people would take things slow. Instead, everything is rushed and hearts are broken all because someone in the relationship isn’t willing to take things slow. Sex is a major part in a relationship, and it’s usually experienced within the first couple of weeks of a new relationship.

Secondly, two people might decide to go out one night, and sexual acts ended up happening; as a result, the girl found out two weeks later she was expecting. Unfortunately, things like this happen all the time. People need to be careful, and plan their life a little better rather than going out for a one night stand and making a mistake he or she is going to have to deal with the rest of their life.

Finally, a couple shouldn’t rush into getting married. They should make sure their partner pleases him or her in every way, shows them they’re loved every day, and comforts them when they need it. If these sort of things are not visible then that person should really think twice. Most marriages that happen so quick, end even faster.

In conclusion, I believe that two people should hold out on sex for at least a month or more, be careful and don’t make any babies with that person until they are for sure that’s the one they want to be with, and let marriage come when it’s ready. If more people took things slow and serious then people and relationships would work out better.