I Believe in Sunshine

Claire - Lawrence, Kansas
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

I believe in sunshine. I believe in orange and yellow rays of happiness streaming from the sky and beams of warmth and joy penetrating the Earth. I believe that sunshine alone can completely change your mood and personality for the better just as bad news can easily turn your day around for the worse. I believe in the power and energy of the sun.

Big and small companies alike are joining together with the sun to produce heat and energy sources. In 1954, it was discovered that silicon, an element found in sand, emits an energy flow when it is exposed to large amounts of sunlight. This solar power creates no emissions or pollution which helps keep our earth clean and beautiful. Solar panels are placed on the roofs of houses and on cars to help power our lives. Everyday items like calculators and watches also use the power of the sun to carry out their jobs. All across California and Arizona, solar panels are soaking up the sun rays and converting them into green energy.

Just the other day, I left school entirely too stressed out with finals and projects looming in the near future. My mom picked me up and read my expression like a menu from her favorite restaurant. When we arrived back at home, I quickly made my way out to the back yard. The hammock greeted me saying, “Hello”, as it swayed back and forth in the warm spring breeze. I balanced myself on the rope hammock, trying not to seriously injure myself in the process, to unwind from my hectic and chaotic day. The sun penetrated my fair skin, and I could feel my body soaking up the sunlight. The sun shone through my closed eyelids which left me with a red shadow in my vision. The sea of red was interrupted by my mom hovering above me. When I sat up on the swinging hammock, I felt completely re-energized as if a fresh new day had just begun. I believe that the sun has the power to rejuvenate and brighten your day physically and mentally. Like the solar powered gadgets, I too was energized and powered by the sun.

Although too much exposure to the sun has been proven to be unhealthy and dangerous for your skin, there are also many reasons to obtain healthy amounts of sunshine. The short UVB wavelengths that come with sun exposure kick off the chemical and metabolic chain reaction that produces essential vitamin D. The sun can also do a bit of work on your body mentally by helping reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is caused due to a lack of sunshine. Winter is the most miserable season of the year for me. Although the snow is mostly a delightful sight, I need my daily dose of sunshine.

Regardless of all my knowledge of the risky effects of the sun, I still spend lots of time soaking it up like a sponge, unprotected from its destructive rays. Some people turn their life over to smoking, or throw back a cold one to relax. However, my drug of choice and my stress remedy is sprawling out on a warm summer day and devouring a hefty dose of ultra violent rays. Sure, I might get some wrinkles, but I would much rather earn them from the sun than from a pack of cigarettes a day. Summertime is hands down my season of choice. No school, hanging out with friends and copious amounts of sunshine are my solar panels. Even though I have a fair complexion, I enjoy my fair share of outside time. No matter how thick I lather on the sunscreen, I always manage to get at least one good sunburn of the year. Last summer break I headed down to Texas and was bound and determined to return home with a nice sun tan. The one day the weather decided it would lift its wrath of clouds and let the sun come out, we made a bee line for the beach. I followed the normal routine and covered myself from head to toe in sunscreen. Prancing around in the cool waves and burying my sister in the sand occupied my entire day and before we knew it the sun was beginning to set. The whole sky was filled with an explosion of color. The gorgeous hues radiating from the red hot fire ball all bled together and created an angelic image. As my friend, the sun, disappeared behind the vast ocean I was in awe. The same sun that I look at and take advantage of everyday is so magnificent and powerful with the ability to light and heat the entire Earth! It put things into perspective and I truly comprehended how small I am in the big picture. The sun is humbling, rejuvenating and peaceful. The sun is power and energy. I believe in sunshine.