‘The Good Ol’ Days’

Matt - Appleton, Wisconsin
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe…

The problems so often identified by the media in today’s modern world are 100% fixable and a small effort by each individual can solve them… this I believe. Once upon a time gasoline cost $0.95 a gallon and everyone drove behemoth Chryslers that got 5 miles to the gallon? My dad tells me of a time when kids walked home 5 miles along an old railroad track with their friends and didn’t get home until dinner? At one point in history the music blasting from car radios never played the same song twice in a day? Students in school were jocks and greasers and snobs and ‘the popular girls’ and the band geeks, and that was ok.

The world is no longer like this. Gas is $3.50 and rising and only the rich people have a choice in the gas guzzling vehicle they drive. Buses pick every child up outside of a mile from the school because parents don’t want their children wandering the streets. Every ten year old has a cell phone so Mommy can check in on him/her at every minute of the day. The radio blares the same monotonous crap 24/7, yet not a single song will ever go down in history as a great. There are no cliques in school, yet gang violence is at an all time high.

Lawsuits stem from the minutest of inconveniences, and the rich are never guilty. Wars erupt over money, not morals, and young men fight for a cause neither they, nor very few others, support. Society supports these ‘forced mercenaries’ because they appreciate the sacrifice, not the cause. When other than the twenty-first century can a sophomore in high school be caught distributing prescription Adderall to classmates?

What exactly is it that I believe in? I believe in history’s ability to mend its mistakes. No one is better off in this new world where one cannot carry more than 4 oz. of any liquid onto an airplane. I believe that a few changes really do make a difference, because they have taken this country and planet to the darkest of ages in the briefest amount of time. Chalk up environmental issues to population bursts, sure, but don’t leave out the human factor. People screwed up this world, but people can turn right around and fix it.

Social influences on children come from the past generation, but where did things go wrong. Rebellion used to be a crazy haircut and loud rock n’ roll, whereas now it is a school shooting. Every parent wants a safe world where their child can spread their wings, and children want parents who will let them do so.

I believe that man kind can accomplish anything, and I believe we can adapt to work with our new situation. I believe we can do this, if we all work for the uniting super-ordinate goal of harmony. Miss America as it may sound, I believe in a unified world. Now… who else believes?