Enjoy Life!

Colton - Midvale, Utah
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Do you enjoy life? I do, I enjoy every day. I enjoy everything about life. I enjoy school, work, time spent with family, time with friends and all the time in between. I enjoy it all! Why? Because I believe true happiness comes from within.

I didn’t always love life as much as I do now. From around age twelve to age seventeen I believed I was just a victim of circumstance. Life was miserable, I had front row seats for viewing my family disintegrate. I was subject to physical and almost constant verbal abuse. I allowed myself to despair and become depressed which resulted in slipping grades, poor health, and a falling away from my religion. I was waiting for some kind of break to come, I was waiting for it all just to blow over and resolve it’s self.

It all changed when I saw the film The Secret. It taught me that all of the bad things that were happening in my life were a result of my constant negative thinking. This was a huge revelation for me because I now realized that I am not just a victim of circumstance, but the creator of everything both good and bad in my life. After this realization I started to pay attention to the teachings of the great leaders in the past. I understood that sayings like “believe in yourself” and “you can accomplish anything” aren’t just cliché sayings meant to make us feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, instead these sayings are pieces of advice given to us by people who have mastered their lives and achieved massive success.

With this knowledge I was able to understand that I truly am capable of doing anything, and with that wisdom being permanently engraved on the inside of my skull, a huge cloud seemed to lift away from me. Now I see that there truly is no limit to how far I can go in life.

The most important thing I have come to understand is that you don’t need to make tons of money or have lots of shiny stuff to make you happy in life, the only person who can make you happy is you. Once you realize all of the great things in your life (personality, achievements, beliefs, opinions, family and friends), you realize that you are great and you have a lot of reasons to be happy.

It’s a very simple formula for being happy and enjoying life: focus on the good in your life and you’ll be happier and bring more good into your life. But the formula for being unhappy and making life difficult is just as easy to follow: focus on negativity and you will feed the bad thoughts in your mind and bring more bad things into your life. Be grateful for what you have. Gratitude will bring you happiness and happiness is the key to enjoying life.