Blind Success

Amanda - York, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Blind Success

Success is like a newly baked soufflé, but if it deflates it’s useless. Many people in the world let what they can’t do interfere with what they can do, and they shouldn’t. I believe in this because, if you focus on the things you can’t do, you’ll never try new things to see if you can do them. You should be happy you can do the activities your able to do, because not everyone can do what you can do. I believe you should only focus on what you can do, and not what you can’t do.

You see, I love to cook, but I could never come up with new ideas, new recipes, nothing. If I focus on that I wouldn’t even want to try to cook because I would feel like a failure. Also, my mom is not very good at sports at all. She can’t throw a ball, catch a ball, or even hit a ball, but she is amazing at math. She could do a math problem of any kind quicker than you could say “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. In fact my Dad used to call her the human calculator. I used to sometimes ask her “Mom can you do my math homework for me?”


“I mean, help me with my math homework!”

Another past experience I had that makes my belief true is that, I play softball, but I have one problem with it. When I go up to bat, I get nervous so I don’t do my very best. Like my coach tells me “Don’t try to kill the ball,” or try to hard. I try to correct the problem, but it doesn’t always work. On the other side of the field I play shortstop. It’s a very important job and I’m pretty good at it. You see if I let my batting get in the way of my defensive playing I wouldn’t even be playing softball right now because I feel like a failure to the team.

One more example of this belief is that say for example Jim is a really good student in science, but he hasn’t been that way in history. If Jim really enjoys and likes learning about science do you think it would be a good idea to never pursue his future with science because of one history class he wasn’t so hot in, of course not? Jim should go to college and advance his life as a future scientist not sit back and pout about a class he didn’t do good in. I believe that you should not let what you can not do interact with what you can do. So, if your soufflé deflates go make another kind of dessert and don’t be upset about it.