Relentlessness Earns More

Kyle - york, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

“Hard work pays off” a saying used by my dad and coaches all the time to remind me you don’t just get want you want in life, you earn it. This motto is something used in my everyday life and something I thrive on to succeed.

“Man, that was a really hard test,”

“Not really, I thought it was pretty easy,” my classmate said

“Well, I didn’t get it at all”

“Mr. Schaefer helped me. He could help you.” stated my classmate,

“That’s a great idea, thanks”

In the first couple marking periods I was really struggling with my math getting B’s and C’s on my tests and really getting frustrated with myself all and all. This all changed when I asked for help. After a couple weeks of this I was studying longer, more focused and it showed. I was now getting higher scores on the big tests, which made me happy and able to work at full potential which raised my grades. Hey I was up to the challenge and it really rewarded me.

Last year was my first year of football and I was really nervous. I didn’t know what to expect, my dad’s been a coach for about 17 years and that just made it more nerve-racking. I’m not a very big 7th grader, and I knew I’d get pushed around if I didn’t train before the season. I worked weeknights in the weight-room and days working on football skills. The season started and I was looking good, but the depth charts had still not come out. It was our first game and there was the depth chart, I was first string quarterback, I was relieved. My first season of football went really well and just goes to show if you, “give all you got, something great will happen.”

“The harder you work,” Coach replied

“The more you get,” The loud campers shouted, at football camp

“Good, remember sports don’t get you everything,” yelled Coach

This goes to show that hard work doesn’t just pay off in sports and studies but furthermore in life. All the football coaches in the staff help you in football, but also in life. The quote above has been used by my father and the varsity football coach who has taught each and every one of us to work hard and not take things for granted. My dad and this man together have made such an impact on me and have led me to work hard and never take what you earn for granted, for it may end quickly.

“And the all-stars are Kyle…,”Coach said

“Yes! I knew wall drills would make me better” I said

This was the result after my first year of lacrosse. I was playing with 6th graders and I was only in 3rd but that didn’t stop me. I’d thrown the ball against the wall many times and practiced hard which led me to the all-stars, which I have never missed yet. I still do the wall drills which have led me to succeed greatly in lax after my hard and non resilient efforts and practices.