It’s not about how hard you hit.

Mary - Jacobus, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Life. What do you think of when you hear the word? Probably more than one thing. Tragedies, joy, sorrow, success and failure are all a part of life. The ability to do great things is also a part of life. But, what’s even more important than the ability to do great things is the ability to recover after bad things happen. I believe it’s not about how hard you can hit, but how hard you can take a hit and keep moving forward. This was said by a boxer that brought out the best in everyone. This was said by Rocky Balboa.

Think about it. If we all lived in a world where, if something bad happens, everyone would just sulk and not do anything about it, how would people succeed? Failure is just a part of the life we live and we shouldn’t let that get in the way of doing what we love. Life is tough and everyone has to experience a hard time. But, we have to learn to keep moving forward so that we can live the life we were meant to live.

People should always try to succeed in whatever they do. But what should you do if you fail? Is this as a chance to sit around and feel sorry for yourself or is this an opportunity to get up and try and see where something went wrong and try and fix it? Failure should always be looked upon as an opportunity to get up and make things right. There’s a saying, “You haven’t failed until you’ve quit trying.”

Many people know what they are worth in life. They have dreams and goals that they hope to achieve. They always say that they are going to go out and go for their dream, and that’s great! But most people are willing to give up on the first try. It’s awesome that you can go out and go for your goal, but you have to be willing to take the hits. Not everyone’s dream is going to come true right away; life is a lot harder than that. You can’t just go around giving up, because you have to be willing to take the hits in order to get what you want, or else, you’ll never get what you want. Wayne Gretsky once said, “One hundred percent of the shots that you don’t take don’t go in.”

Many things have happened in our lives that we wish we could go back and do over. But, second chances rarely come around. You can’t go back and erase things that you wish hadn’t happened. If you spend you life pondering on something that went wrong or something that didn’t go as you planned, then you’re going to regret it down the road. You can’t keep living in the past; you have to keep moving forward.

Life. Cruel, yet satisfying. Harsh, yet sensitive. It’s not about doing great things, but recovering after bad things happen. This I believe.