pursuit of happiness

Logan - Leclaire/Iowa/52753, Iowa
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that religion has for a long time caused too many problems for mankind to allow such a deadly practice to continue.

In my lifetime I have gone to school to be taught about the history of the world, only to find out that several wars and acts of inhumane incidents were based on religion. For example, Hitler’s rise to the top; he rose through the hatred of Jewish ways and believed in a “super race”. The Jews were persecuted because of their religion. Without religion as a factor, I believe our world may have a chance to come together as a diverse people under one belief. Our world is great, and we must take care of it by not destroying it, not bombing the lands and gassing the people, and burning the fuels, because in doing this, mankind will diminish.

I don’t believe that religions are necessarily bad, but what I feel that is so crucial to peace in the world is that religious differences can be abolished by way of abolishing religion. The fact is that so much bad results from a lot of religious beliefs. The religions that hurt people and make the world less great and plentiful than it is today would no longer cause wars and chaos. Some religions are all about good things, but those good things could be encompassed in one religion: “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

There’s a movie recently put on for the public called “Pursuit of Happiness” with Will Smith. In this film Will plays the role of a man who literally went from rags to riches, not by winning the lottery or having inherited his money, but through the most costly of sacrifices and hard work and working well with others, he managed to make a life for himself and his son that he could be proud of. Anyone who reads, hears, or sees this story can stop and say,, “If that is possible, I can do this”. I was fortunate enough to meet the man whose life the movie was based. Chris Garner did what it took, and he made it through with his views on life. Chris never spoke of religion, he just did what only man can do which was to work hard for his job and protect his son.

Hearing Chris speak at a conference was the most uplifting and inspiring story I have ever heard in my life and to hear it come from the person that made the “story” a reality is so amazing to me. What pursuit of happiness to me describes is a world of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness, it gives a view to the people of a world without violence and corruption and waste. It gives us a path to lead to make the world a better place than it is today.