Every true hardworking, athlete is a great leader.

N - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Every true, hardworking, athlete is a great leader for his or her team. Being a true athlete and a leader, they need to have great character. The best athletes that I have seen have great character both on and off the field. Each day at practice I have seen guys messing around and not paying attention. These are the guys who were standing on the sidelines and not playing on Friday nights. I knew many guys that could have been great athletes, but they had very poor character. Then at practice, the guys that I saw leading our team and playing almost every play were the guys with great character. Character includes many things, such as making the right choices, being a role model for younger players, and working hard each and every play. Great players that I have seen have all had amazing character.

Also to be a true athlete, I believe they should be a great leader. Every great athlete regardless of the sport has been a great leader for his or her team. A true athlete is someone who leads their team and makes the right decisions. Being a leader is a combination of making mistakes and having great character. A leader makes mistakes but has the character to not make a scene out of it. Also, a leader should show his or her teammates the right things to do on and off the playing field. I have learned that this is true through my years of playing football.

I was one of the captains of our football team this past year, so I know what it takes to be a leader. I had to work hard everyday and be a role model for the younger players. I knew that by being a captain, I had to be a leader. I knew that I would make mistakes but I used my good character to not make a scene out of it. This is how I know that a true athlete will make mistakes, but will keep his or her composure with great character, which makes them a great leader.