This I believe

Amanda - SNOHOMISH, Washington
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I remember at the beginning of my freshman year, I had one goal and that was to make the varsity softball team. I know I was good player, and I was so full of fire and spunk that I knew that I would surely make the team. But when the end of try outs came, I was sitting in a group of girls waiting as I heard the head coach call out the names on his team. Half the team was called, and than he stopped calling names. My name was not one of them, so it was JV. Yes I was disappointed, but at the same time it just made me work so much harder. My work started to pay off because got called up a few times, and I even ended up lettering my freshman year. I worked so hard over the summer with my coach to get that spot next year, and I was on varsity all through the rest of high school.

I would have to call that karma because what goes around comes around, and I figure if you work hard for something, it will get you to where you want to go. Karma has a lot to do with where I’m headed now because of all my hard work playing school ball, and “select” in addition to school ball it got me noticed by the Everett Community College coach. She wants me to come out and play for them. To me, karma works in many ways and, it just so happens to be taking me down the college career path. My parents and I are very happy. In some ways, this is karma and in other ways it tells you that hard wok just pays off in the end. You will get what you work for and feel accomplished.

Another way all my hard work is paying off for softball is it got me into the University of Maui. While I am at school, I will be studying business and go as far as I can in ball. I really only wanted to play college ball for two years, and then for the last two years, I want to focus more on my career and making money. As most people know, I cant go any farther in softball after college so I will have to make a transition a job path than a sports path because I can’t make any money playing softball. I in conclusion, karma is what goes around comes around and if I work hard for the rest of my life, it will pay off in the end by giving me a college degree and a career to work from.