Breanna - Robinson, Texas
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Goals are the things we try so hard for and don’t always reach. After all that work and you get nothing usually you just give up. Why give up if it’s a goal that’s obtainable to you? Giving up isn’t right especially if you can reach it. This I believe.

Giving up is something I did and I strongly regret every time I didn’t do my absolute best. I thought I had let my parents and myself down because I didn’t make the game wining play or I didn’t make a perfect score on a spelling test I thought I wasn’t the best. I began to really let my self down when I quit putting effort into the things I loved. My grades dropped, my attitude towards every thing was different. I wasn’t pushing my self nor did I try to make it seem as if I cared.

The laziness of my “changed attitude” really started to bother me. I wasn’t improving myself at all. Isn’t that why we practice so long and hard for sports, tests, or important events, to reach our goals and improve ourselves instead of just quitting.

Not trying at something I knew I could succeed at made me feel rotten. I felt like I had given in before I had even begun. Very quickly, the effortlessness ate me up and didn’t stop until I finally did something to keep it from going on. It had grown into road block that stopped me from doing my best.

Soon, I became frustrated because the effortlessness in my mind and the lazy attitude that started changing me, it got way out of control. I couldn’t push myself to the limit any more. Because the block in my mind, had gotten so big.

I began wanting my goals more and more. I stopped giving in and began pushing myself as hard as I could.

But, I still wasn’t back to normal. I found, I had to truly want my goals from now on and put a lot more effort and time into everything.

Eventually, I pulled through. I do way better now than before. Now every time I so much as think about stopping, or giving up, I flashback. I remember the lazy and effort less thing that very quickly swallowed me up, because I gave in to not reaching for what I really wanted.