A Day of Trouble

Jordan - South Jordan, Utah
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

A Day of Trouble

Have you ever had to rely on your family to get you out of a really tight spot? A time where you‘re just thinking “WOW I’m in trouble”! the trouble where no one will forgive you. This is where the family comes in, and where family forgives no matter what.

My dad took us up to Evanston to grab some fireworks. You know the kind that are actually fun, not the ones that sit on the ground and just spray crap everywhere, the ones that shoot up into the air and explode. Anyway, we bought a butt load of fireworks and one of them was called the coconut bomb. These are similar to the ones that they shoot off at the big shows. If you don’t put them into the tube they come with they kind of act as a grenade. My brother, Justin and I stocked up and went into the neighborhood to raise some hell, and it was going to be awesome.

Then we saw it… It was like a vision! A fresh never used blue JOHN CO porta-potty and it was calling our names. So I reached into my backpack full of goodies and came out with the three biggest coconut bombs. Then placed them on the toilet seat and lit the fuse; slammed the door and ran away from the JOHN. After what seemed like an eternity the BOMB exploded and the JOHN literally jumped 4 inches off the ground!

Now that would be great if I could end my story there. But the grass underneath the JOHN started on fire. So we ran to the neighbor’s house for help. My neighbor grabbed the hose and put the fire out. The neighbor asked us if we had seen who had started the fire. We said we just saw a group of guys walking around the neighborhood. Meanwhile, someone in the neighborhood called 911.

We decided it would be best to tell our parents in case the word got out in the neighborhood. My parents were pissed, my dad looked like he was going to punch the wall; my mom was giving us the whole “where did I go wrong” speech (the one I have heard a million times).

During the week I was grounded I literally felt like a marine right smack dab in the middle of hell week. After that week I asked my mom why they were so harsh on us because nothing burnt down, no one was hurt and they even replaced the JOHN. She said it was to teach us a lesson and that she wanted us to learn from this experience.

I know that there is a deeper meaning to this and she pretty much meant she loves her kids and doesn’t want them hurt or into trouble. Now when I ask about it they just laugh. I think we are getting close to getting another trip to Evanston!