Believing in Yourself

James - Saratoga Springs/UT/84005, Utah
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Believing in Yourself

The first time I realized this was true was when I was a sophomore in high school. I really wanted to make varsity for hockey at Brighton High School. I knew that it would take a lot of effort and determination. At try-outs I put all of my effort into it, and when I found out I made varsity I was extremely excited. That day I realized that if I put my mind to something, and if I really wanted it, I could do anything.

I believe that if people really want something, that isn’t impossible to get, then they will get it no matter what. All you have to do is put your mind to it, and really want it. If your not serious about really wanting it you’ll ever get it. Just because you put your mind to it and you really want it doesn’t mean it will just come to you. It will take a lot of preparation and effort to get what you want, if you fail at first you can’t give up. Almost always you won’t get it the first time, and you can’t get down on yourself if you fail.

I think that we our are own worst critics, because once were down on ourselves, it’s really hard to think that we can do anything right. When I broke my back my sophomore year, while I was snowboarding in Jackson Hole, it was one of the worst feelings ever. I couldn’t play in the State Championship game, and I had to watch my team loose state. I was really hard on myself for breaking my back. Once I realized that I couldn’t control what happened, I stopped being so hard on myself for breaking my back.

I think that as long as people will keep trying, not give up, not be so hard on themselves, and want it bad enough, then they can achieve anything they want to. Just remember if you fail the first time, don’t give up and just brush it off and try even harder the next time around. I think if we really want something and you try your hardest for it you’ll get it one way or another.

The most recent thing I wanted is to graduate on time. I always have had good grades throughout my life, but as a junior I transferred to Lehi High School. I hated it there, so I chose to not go to school the entire year. When I came back to school, I had a lot of make-up work to do. Since then I’ve been trying my hardest to get caught up, and I’ll be graduating on time. I realized again that if I really wanted something bad enough, and tried my hardest I could get it. This has been by far one of the greatest realizations I’ve ever made. I constantly use it and I will continue to, for the rest of my life.