A World of Judgment

Mckenzey - Cottonwood Heights, Utah
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

A World of Judgment

For my entire life, I have known the feeling of being judged. For me though it was usually the same issues, my family and their past. You know everyone’s family has their own problems, others are just more exposed. I did not choose for my story to be exposed. It all starts when you tell someone you trust and them stabbing you right in the back. That is why I believe that people should not be judged by their past and/or the background of their family.

It all started in grade school, I was very young and because of that I didn’t truly even understand the problems arousing in my families lives, but it seamed that everyone else understood. It was like they knew more about my family than me; they would question me about things pertaining my family that I knew barley anything about. I felt so betrayed by everyone including the ones I loved the most. It is indescribable.

Throughout Junior High I began to understand the things going on in my families’ individual lives, but the more I understood, it seamed the worse I felt, and that much more the judgment came. I love my family and I will always be there for them to support them, but it is interesting how much pain other peoples problems can bring you. But when it’s the people you love, it’s a whole different story.

All the time I struggle not to judge someone. For instance just last week I met a new person, I saw they way they were acting and the way they carried themselves, the way they were dressing, everything was just off to me and I began to judge, I thought “I don’t even want to get to know this person further”, but I immediately caught myself. I stopped all thoughts I had about that person until I got to know them. It makes me feel great that I have the ability to do that, to not judge someone right off the bat. Some people do not have that ability. Its possible that they don’t understand, maybe they have never been judged like myself or many others. Or maybe they were judged, so they feel like they have to as well, to get back to all