Race shouldn’t matter

Brittany - Robinson, Texas
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

Race shouldn’t matter

Why do people like to judge others by skin color? It doesn’t matter what race we are, it’s just a color. Would people still judge others if they were yellow, green, or even purple? I believe no one should be judged by what color they are.

I have all kinds of friends. African- American, Hispanic, Chinese; they are all considered out of my race. I don’t like it when I hear people talking about them. Every time I turn around people are telling me I shouldn’t talk to people out of my race. It hurts because I should be able to have the friends I want to have without being judged.

I remember when whites were separated from blacks by schools, buses, water fountains, stores, and many more. I know it’s not that bad anymore, but people are still racist.

I also think we don’t learn enough about African-American History in school. The only time I do ever hear about it is during Black History Month. On any other school day it’s all about Albert Einstein or Abraham Lincoln, never about Harriet Tubman or Rosa Parks. They were heroes of our world too.

Look at the presidential election going on right now. Barak Obama is running and not everyone likes it. I think he deserves a chance. He could be the first African-American president to make a difference.

I’ve had experiences where people didn’t hire African-Americans or Hispanics in their stores. My friend and I saw a help wanted sign at a local day care center and we went to see if we could help out. They told me I could start right then, but they told her there weren’t anymore openings. We knew right away that she didn’t get hired because she was African-American or “out of race”. We both looked at each other and I saw her put her head down, so I took her hand and we walked out the door.

There is good and bad in every color and I don’t see why people want to put others through that kind of pain. I mean do they not know that it hurts?

Sometimes I have a feeling things are going to change and all this nonsense will stop. Hopefully one day it will because no one should be judged by what color they are. This I believe.