People in Everyday Life

Brandon - Waco, Texas
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Why good and evil control our lives I don’t know? I have experienced good and evil at their prime. I believe that we are responsible for how I act in life. These two things have one thing in common. They both control our lives.

Murder, stealing, and dealing are all forces of evil. We control our conscious, but we let our emotions take over so the real side of us comes out. This means that if I were to fight and not stop fighting then that would show my emotions that my conscious lets me show. I have a feeling of hate when it comes to seeing somebody I don’t like. When I see a person that I like then I feel happy that I get to see them and it shows that I am happy and good. Good of course is helping, caring, and sharing. We let our minds control us to follow the path to good or evil.

A time when I have experienced evil was in Olathe, Kansas. My family was eating dinner and a guy knocked an old man down. The man fell and hit his head, and the man who knocked him down said was, “Watch out”. This made me realize of how some people can be so evil. Good comes in many ways, and one way it came to me was at a car wash. A man loses his keys in the drainer. My dad and I noticed nobody helped him, so my dad and I went over there and got the truck and opened the drainer and got his keys for him. When I show my emotions it shows people how I really am inside and this shows how emotions can show whether you’re good or evil.

Good and evil are many types of actions you and I make. I in some cases think I may be evil because I fight with my friends and make fun of them. Sometimes I feel good because I help my mom and dad with stuff around the house and do my chores. I make some gestures that I think could be good or evil. I have a conscious that tells us how to act and how to think, but if you think about it we really control ourselves. If everyone just did nothing but act on their decisions this world will be a disaster.

I need good and evil in my life. I believe that I should think about how I act around other people. I should learn from my mistakes and act on them. I believe an act of kindness has the power to change a person’s life. I need to learn from good and evil and to learn from it I need to see it. I believe that in order to “be good” I must be true to myself.

I don’t have a little angel and devil on my shoulder to tell me what to do in situations. I have the right to be controlled over me. I have the right to be good. I have the right to be evil. I believe I can be who I want to be. This I believe.