Near Death Experience

Matthew - Palatine, Illinois
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Up until a little less than a year ago, i was definitely one of those teenagers that took their lives for granted. I was selfish, and did just about anything i wanted to, disregarding the important things in life for those that seemed fun at the time. Whether it was going to my friends pool, or driving to the city for a cubs game, as long as it sounded like a good idea at the time, I was in on it.

One day sticks out more than the rest. I had just finished work, which wasn’t really work at all considering the fact that all i do is sit around with my friends and tan at a private pool where my job description is “he who guards lives.” Once that strenuous activity was finished I headed over to my friends’ house for a dip in the pool and hopefully an intense game of 21 one on the pool basketball hoop. It was an exciting day considering my friend ryan had just got cleared for physical activity once getting his tonsils removed. We were finishing up our fun in the sun when my friend Danny mentioned that he had a lacrosse game to go to. I hadn’t touched my stick in a while, and wanted to do a little throwing and catching on the sidelines, so i persuaded Ryan to make the journey with me. The game went well, the only problems was after an hour of mass texting, we still had noo idea what we were doing that night. suprisingly that problem really didn’t matter.

We decided to head home, and Danny was sick of all the stop and go traffic of the side streets so he decided to get on the highway. I guess his stick shift Scion TC gave him the impression that he was a race car driver because once we got off the entrance ramp, we were like a bullet out of a gun. Just climbing, and climbing, faster, and faster to speeds completely unecessary for the situation. I finally looked at the speedometer to see we were hovering at about 98 mph. I figured “This is really fast but he’ll be slowing down any second now.” He didn’t, in fact he upped his speed to 125 mph. I had enough and I said “Dude, slow down!” At that moment, he lossed complete control of the car. We swerved right where, by God’s gracious hand the was about 50 yards of grass before we got to the median. Danny attempted to rip the wheel back to the right which in turn sent us fishtailing across all four lanes of the highway. We somehow didnt’ hit any other cars, rather it was a huge light pole that had it out for us. It was the loudest noise I had ever heard, and was instantly unconscious. I was later informed that we did 3-4 end over ends and wound up over a fence on a street that runs parallel to the highway. Somehow we all survived.

I looked the worst out of all of us and ened up with ten stitches in my head, ten in my knee, and a wopping 85 in hand due to the fact that just about every bone in my hand was exposed. I chipped two bones in my face, and my right eye was completely swolen shut, but that was even the worst of it. Ryan, who was sitting behind me, exited the car via the jaws of life with four fractured vertebrates, a ruptured disc, and a broken collar bone. In total he went through a nine and a half month recovery period before he was cleared for any physical activity whatsoever. As for the Danny, he had a meer scratch on his knee and went home that night. At the time me and Danny were best friends, and hung out and did just about everything together. This occurrence put a real damper on that friendship, but in the long run showed how truly good friends we were. I was bitter for the next few months, due to the fact that my summer was cut in half, and because Danny acted like nothing had even happened. I later relized that this was the only way he could cope with the fact that he almost killed his two best friends. I was bitter for the next few months but i got over it, and this car accident ended up being a huge blessing from God. It made me appreciate the little things a lot more in life, and now I am a much more humble person, who attempts to find the good in all things.