My Brother

Elissa - Palatine, Illinois
Entered on May 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, question, war

Dear Elissa,

Cant talk now, but no one shot at me today. It was a good day.



It’s a chilling notion that one perspective of a good day is a day where you didn’t get shot at. It’s an even more chilling thought that this perspective comes from your brother. It is my brother that is leading a platoon at the heart of the conflict in Iraq. It is my brother that feels the heat of a conflict so far from our sheltered American soils that many of us forget it is even occurring. And it is my brother, my own flesh and blood, and the person that I have spent my whole childhood with that is now living a life that I never have and maybe never will relate to. Occasionally I receive long awaited emails, like this one, that remind me of the violence that can exist in a society due to lack of respect towards different groups of people, a concept that I never could understand.

So what is it that I believe exactly?

I believe when the solution to end violence is more violence, our progress as a nation should be seriously questioned.

So even though it may not be you that holds your breath every time news of the rising death toll is read off the six o’clock news, please think of my brother. And ask yourselves how much longer will it take the world to understand the greatest contradiction to peace is war. When all the fighting is done, did we really win more than what was lost? All I can hope for is my brother to still be standing there one day at my side.