Power of Prayer

Shawn - Cypress, California
Entered on May 18, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the power of prayer.

I remember a time when I was being how taught how to pray. I would recite the Lord’s Prayer, memorize every word and present it to my small group. Whoever memorized the Lord’s Prayer, received a little treat for our accomplishment. I would stand proud of myself for memorizing the Lord’s prayer, but it wasn’t about me.

Growing up in a Christian environment, prayer was almost a routine; I never found the power to prayer, and it was just a Sunday routine, a Christian had to do. I remember when I was a child, my youth group leaders would ask me how many times a day I prayed. I counted all my meals and right before I went to bed, four. I took it so lightly. I didn’t know why I prayed other than to be thankful for food. This didn’t last for long.

I moved churches; a more charismatic church. The church believed in gifts and miracles that were present today. Setting foot on my Junior High years, I was deeply challenged to pray, not praying before meals, or before going to sleep, but praying without ceasing. Praying for hours straight. I’ve learned that prayer isn’t just a simple ritual one does, but instead it is a conversation tapping into the powers of God.

My high school years, I was spiritually thirsty for more because I was maturing in age, therefore I desired for my spiritual worship to mature. I prayed that God would help me, grow, God gave me opportunities to grow. I pray for patience, God gives me opportunity for patience. I ask for spiritual gifts, such as tongues, prophesy, and healing, God gave me those opportunities. I remember a time when I asked for the gift of tongues, God sent people to me to pray for them, and by tapping into the powers of God, I was able to speak another language.

I don’t use God for my own needs; God uses me for His needs, His desires, what glorifies Him. Christ gave the Holy Spirit to His people at the day of Pentecost, and through that, Christians are given the power to do great and mighty works for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ through the prayers. Through those prayers, healing happens, prophesies are given, miracles are visible and simply the love of God is filled in that person.