The Separation Between Winners and Losers

Emily - York, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The Separation Between Winners and Losers

Your heart, your mind-they may seem like such unimportant pieces to the human body but, they actually are important. They can determine if you are a true winner or a loser. I believe there is an inner power that separates winners from losers. And the winners are the ones who really listen to their hearts.

These are also the words of a man who has directed, written, and acted in movies and I look up to him. His name is Sylvester Stallone. Coming from a man who started out as nothing and turned into a big something, this statement means a lot to me. It speaks to me. It tells me that even though some people consider themselves losers from failures in the past, they can be true winners at heart. If you follow your heart you will always have a bright future. It’s all about a first impulse. You need faith. Mother Teresa said, “I do not pray for success, I ask for faithfulness.” So, when you know something is right, you should go for it and believe everything will be okay in the end because even when everything seems to be going wrong, it makes you appreciate what you have already.

The people who consider themselves losers are the ones who only look at what is on the outside. However, winners are determined by if they listen to their hearts. If the person who considers himself a loser, seems like one on the outside but follows the truth of their heart on the inside, they are considered a real winner to me. Even if people are saying behind his back, “That person is a real loser,” that doesn’t mean they are a loser.

This inner power that determines if you are a true winner or loser is made up of many things. From determination and energy, to truth and love. It is what powers your heart and mind and gives you the ability to listen to your heart. If you are weak, you can’t hear your heart when you need to the most.

If you are a true winner, you take the time to listen to your heart because a true winner takes their time to do things other than constantly talking on their cell phone or playing video games. Instead, they take time to be with their family and help others. A Buddhist once said, “If you lighten somebody’s path it will brighten your own.” True winners listen to their heart and help others not because they should but because they want to.

So, if you do consider yourself a loser, stop and rethink because you might be surprised to see you are a true winner. Do you go with your first impulse? Do you look at what is on the inside? How do you power your inner-strength? Do you take time to listen to your heart? There’s an inner ability that separates a winner from a loser. It is the fact that a winner listens to their heart. This I believe.