Victim Earth

Gabrielle - York, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Earth. The planet we call our home, is in danger and it’s in desperate need of our help. Our home’s cloudy deep blue skies, leafy green vegetation, and aqua green oceans are constantly being contaminated by our growing knowledge. I believe that we need to protect the world from ourselves.

One explanation for my belief can be summarized into two words… Global Warming. Many climate changes have occurred as a result, which is a serious problem. My town always had cold, snowy winters; but now they’re getting warmer every year, and I believe that global warming is the culprit. Up north, polar bears are losing the vast ice land they call home. Their home is melting, prey is becoming scarce, and they’re dying. We can reduce these dramatic effects simply by planting more trees. If we created global warming, perhaps we can create “global cooling” and reverse our damage.

I’ve had experiences of my own because the ravaging of our beloved land has even struck my hometown. I’ve seen bulldozers dig up the ground, and I’ve also experienced people trying to buy a beautiful golf course and then destroy it. The day I moved to my new house, our neighborhood was very small and wasn’t complete. It was a desert of dirt where people actually dirt-biked, and when it rained, it became a muddy swamp.

I asked a neighbor once, “What did our town look like before all the construction began?” She replied, “It was a wonderful piece of land, with grass-covered hills and lush growing trees.”

Today my neighborhood has quadrupled in size, there’s still continuous building and all you see is an endless stream of houses and roads. As for the golf course I mentioned, these people wanted to tear it up to build even more houses. Luckily, our township residents got smart and fought to protect the land. The battle isn’t over yet, but we won’t give up the fight. We don’t need any more people or cars in our neighborhood polluting the air or littering the land.

Saving our plant from us people should be our most important mission. Consider the impact on our entire ecological system… the air, water, land and all living organisms. They all depend on one another to survive. Take the Asian bamboo forests for example. The habitat is being destroyed, for farming and house building, leaving no home for the endangered pandas. Such events have led to the extinction of the Tasmanian tiger and dodo bird. These poor animals couldn’t do anything about it, and so they’re gone because of us. We can save the plants and animals of the world, but we need to understand what we are doing wrong. The fact that we are ruining the environment so we can meet our own selfish needs has to change.

In conclusion, I’ve realized that we are the only ones that can fix the damage we have done. Every day, I say to myself, “I can make a difference to help my planet.” This is true for everyone. Planting a tree, carpooling with friends and recycling are helpful ways to save our home and its creatures. I believe we can, and will, preserve the world from human kind.