The Meaning of Life

Lance - Caledonia, Michigan
Entered on May 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in purpose. I believe with an undying faith that my life has meaning and I am meant for great things, things far beyond my wildest comprehension. I believe that I will change the world, if only in the seemingly smallest of ways. I am convinced that there is a plan for my life—a plan that is intertwined with countless people, all of whom also have a specific purpose. I do not believe in chance or luck. Coincidence is not real. Randomness is nonexistent. Every situation holds some meaning, some truth, some answer.

I also believe that my purpose is not something I can just find—it has to be revealed to me. True, I must go in search of it, but only God can uncover His plan for my life. Only He knows how the story will end, how long until the final pages of my personal narrative, and how the plotline will progress to the major climaxes of the novel. I must be open and willing to listen for the next page turn, the next part of the story. I know how easy it is for me, though, to miss the reading instructions, or think that I have to change parts of the story because they don’t fit the way I want them to fit. I know how difficult it is to reach a part in the novel where it becomes harder and harder to read, and there comes a point where all I want to do is turn back a couple pages instead of just reading on forward. I know how tempting it is to just skip over the parts with all of the hard words and get right to the easy reading. At some points in the book, I know I’ve been stuck reading the same sentence over and over, numb to the fact that I don’t even know who the main character is anymore, nor do I understand what’s going on in the plot. I know I sometimes refuse to believe what he’s done, what he’s thought, what he’s felt, what he’s experienced, ashamed to be reading a story with such a worthless protagonist. I question the Author’s intent on creating such a conflicted character and why He would choose to write a novel focused around a man who can’t fully accept all of who the Author wrote him to be. I wonder why the Author has seemingly pit the world against this man, as the beliefs of society directly conflict with the inner workings of this man’s soul. I wonder why the protagonist is unable to voice his true feelings and be totally genuine and honest with those closest to him. I wonder why the Author doesn’t just rewrite the protagonist from the inside out, as it would resolve most of the conflict surrounding him.

But then I read on.

I see the protagonist finally open up to his fellow characters, and create life-long bonds with his best friends. I see him tackle his inner struggles and make peace with himself. I see how his actions follow what is written on the pages. I see that he is happy.

All it takes is reading on to find purpose. The story has already been written—and it is perfect. The Author has made no mistakes in his work. All of the characters play out their roles just as He intended. The setting is just as it should be. The ending is flawless. I have faith that the story will never be too hard for me to read. I believe in purpose. In this I believe.