Little Thing Called

Lisa - Chiago, Illinois
Entered on May 17, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

The assignment was to write an essay on what I believe. I believe in true love, mainly because I grew up in the Disney-American household. My first Disney movie was “The Lion King.” This was at the age of five; and I found myself confused and crying. Why did Simba’s father have to die? He was the King, in fairy tales, royalty never dies! Then I was introduced to “Cinderella.” I fell in love with thematic storyline of “true love.” Then the other Disney Princesses soon followed, with their own versions of how the damsel in distress would be saved and loved and married. I faithfully lived with this mindset, yet still wondered “How come throughout my years of high school, which dating followed, I was never suited in the same manner?” It sounds naive and childish to question such trivial affairs, but isn’t that what most of high school’s social life rests upon: the relationships that we develop and break?

Just several months prior, I saw the newly released “Enchanted.” This redefined the redundant, yet bittersweet theme of finding one’s “true love.” I always feel moved and hopeful: one day, I’ll be rescued by that Prince, and I will have my fairy-tale fantasy and my happily ever after. I have had my two time share of “falling in love” periods, and each time I feel completely certain that I am only fighting so hard to keep the relationship going is because it is, in fact, “true love.” And once I kick the frog to the curb, I just tell myself I was being a little girl. I am huge on romance. The simple, sweet guy with the shy smile…he’ll always attract my attention. The scruffy stable boy, seems to sweep me off my feet. I still believe you’re only allowed to fall in love once; my true love is out there, waiting to save me from myself.