Everything will be fine

Heidy - El Paso, Texas
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

When I was a little girl about 5 years old I lived with my parents in some apartments in front of the school I would go. I was in kindergarten and no day would pass without me or my siblings getting hit by my dad. My mom would always step in for us and every time they will end up fighting. “Nadie tiene derecho a pegarles mas que yo, porque yo soy su madre, la que les dio la vida” (no one has the right to hit you guys other than me because I am the one that gave you your life that right only corresponds to me) use to be what my mom will always tell us. That was her way of giving us an explanation of what was happening between my dad and her. I didn’t have a real life with them fighting all the time. I just remember my brother, my sister and me peeking around the corner of their room watching them fight. I would always get that feeling to go in between them and tell them to stop. But I never gained the courage to do it. I’ll just watch how they both would beat up each other.

“Que querias que siguieramos viviendo en ese infierno que nos tenias, yo le doy gracias a mi mama por haverme sacado de ese infierno” (what did you want, for us to live in that hell that you had given us. I thank my mom so much for taking me out of that hell I was living.) when I said these to my father I know it hurt him just how much it hurt me say it. But it was the truth; I use to live in hell. The life that my parents gave me wasn’t what I wanted. And now that I look back at these moments I remember that my mom was always there for me. I am grateful to have the mom that I have and I wish that everyone would have my mom as theirs because she is an incredible woman that has been through rough times and has been able to come back up and pull us up with her. I’m also grateful that that nightmare is finally over and that now I’m really happy with my step dad and my mom. I’m happy with the life that I have at this moment and I wouldn’t change it for anything and now that I have a family that all of us are respected and loved. There is no day that I don’t thank my mom for the marvelous life she has given me. And yes maybe it was rough at times but we all got through it together as a happy, united family.

Sometimes I wonder how my life would have been if my parents wouldn’t have gotten a divorce. And I realize that that was probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. Because even though I wanted my happy family I know now that if they were together I probably wouldn’t have gotten my happiness. When things don’t work out the way you want them to you might want to blame it all on something or someone. The lives that you live with that person that you don’t want to be with will only affect the children. I realized these just a couple of months ago. Most of the time is better to get separated and move on with each other’s lives. Parents are always suppose to do what is best for their children and sometimes the children can’t fight the battles for them because it is not their problem, it’s the parents problem.

I believe in the divorce of marriage in order to live a better life; besides everything always works out for the best.