i believe there is truth in stereotypes

Branden - mckinney, Texas
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe there are truths in stereotypes. Don’t get my wrong, I’m far from racist, and as there is with everything else, there are exceptions. I don’t base this off of discrimination, I don’t base this on how I was raised, but rather base this on how people who fall under these categories were raised, which I guess does include myself. For instance, people from the Asian continent who are from over crowded cities such as Hong Kong or Tokyo, learn to push and shove their way through crowded streets, and also due to the overcrowding there is a very limited number of cars. So when these citizens come to America, they aren’t as experienced with vehicles, and they tend to apply the “push and shove” antics to their driving. So it’s not so much that “Asians are bad at driving” but rather that there culture differs from ours and it takes a while to adjust. Another example is “boys are better at math, girls are better at English”, studies show this is true based on state testing, however I believe this has more to do with how we are raised than anything else. From our first moment of birth we’re being brainwashed, and molded. If you’re a boy, chances are you went home and were placed in a crib in a bright blue room, or if you were a girl, a pink one. This in its own is stereotyping colors; blue; manly pink; girlish. You can apply this same logic to math and English, girls are told they’re better at English, and if that’s how they’re raised then chances are that there mental state will lead them on to be better at English, and vice versa with boys. Another one that tends to bother me is “acting white” or “acting black”

Granted that more than half the time it is what you expect and this stereotype comes through as being correct but I’m not going to get into that, because although I’m more than comfortable talking about this I doubt many people would be comfortable reading it.

I will say this though… no matter what your race, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, age or weight, you are not limited to stereotypes. These are traits you posses, and not who you are, you have the power to express yourself however you want to, and whether that way falls under a stereotype or not, make sure that’s who you want to be.