Corsets And Snowflakes

Jenna - Dallastown, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

To me, the world is a field of snow, each snowflake a different shape and pattern, each fleck of ice an individual. Some are unique, some are similar to others; but no two are the same. I think each snowflake should be appreciated for its uniqueness, and even its flaws. To me, humans are the very same way.

This is what I believe: Humans should be respected for who they are, no matter what faults they may have. I follow these guidelines every day and in return, find the good in everyone.

My snowball of friends has a good variety of snowflakes. Each pal has their own distinct personalities; ones in denial that Harry Potter isn’t real, ones that are known to have hyperventilation-like laughing fits, and ones that have hair that will turn into an afro if neglected. All of my friends have their flaws which may be made fun of sometimes, which I think is wrong. They are who they are!

An example of one of my friend’s uniqueness: When my “posse” of friends was at the mall one day, my guy friend spotted a corset on the wall.

“I’m gonna try that on!”

My friends laughed as we snapped pictures of him wearing the corset, something most boys would never even do on a dare (Nevertheless on their own!) The great thing about having strange friends is that you learn to accept all types of people and personalities. Whenever I see those pictures of my friend in the tight garment, I am reminded to treat everyone with kindness, no matter how odd they are.

Some may call me strange too. I do not dress like the majority of middle- school students (I despise polo shirts!) and listen to different music than the Top 40. I’m quiet unless you get to know me well, and I am exceedingly shy. Other than the occasional “are you Goth?” question or the “Oh my gosh, she talked!” comment, I am accepted by everyone. People appreciate me for me. And I treat people with the same respect, because it’s what I believe in.

I’ve also heard horrible stories about people being abused and neglected for not fitting in. Black men being killed, wars over religion, teens disowned for being gay; I find all of these stories atrocious and I vow not to mistreat anyone in the slightest way if they are different.

I think nobody should be made fun of for being different. Whenever I hear an insulting comment like, “That’s so gay!” I stand up for what I believe and sarcastically ask, “The math test is attracted to other tests of the same gender?” No one should be unequal; I won’t stand for it.

This I believe: Everyone should be treated with respect for who they are. No snowflake is perfect, they have chips and flaws, but they are all perfect if they have their own uniqueness. The world is made up of so many diverse people, and every single person should be cherished for who they are and what they believe.

And that’s exactly what I believe.