Miracles Are

Jack - York, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The fruits of life can be the strangest fruits you have ever tasted, but also the most delicious. Truth is one of the oddest mysteries of life (which, in actuality, encompasses all mysteries), and sometimes we may not understand why something happens. Whether good or perhaps a loss for the better, these reoccurring phenomena have never been fully understood. Simply, some of the most confusing events beyond all human understanding can be the best, most helpful, or simply give people things to wonder about. That is why I believe miracles, paradoxes that happen simply because they happen, are the most real and beneficial truths of all.

A simple, very common miracle, is people having talents. The question, “Why do people have talents?” could simply be answered by the statement “If they didn’t they wouldn’t have won that award” or whatever else that certain person’s talents may be used for. That statement is an obvious paradox, considering the fact that time only flows in one direction. I suppose my question could also be asked as “What is the reasoning behind the fact people are inserted with ‘good writer’ or ‘good athlete’?” Truthfully, this is a question no one can give an answer to, yet this reasoning is not needed. Though no one knows the answer, a certain talent can be what makes a person’s success in life. That is why I believe the simple contradiction that all miracles contain does not come close to the outstanding power of their affect.

To some people, though, it is medical miracles that are the most outstanding. And to some point, I agree. Medical miracles are clear to see and really do keep you wondering. A story I recently found thehealthcareblog.com I believe is truly inspiring, and simply amazing. On December 7th, a man and his brother fell 47 stories from the building they were working on. Sadly, his brother died, and the man swallowed 24 units of blood and 19 units of plasma. He fell into a coma and amazingly woke up on Christmas day. After this trauma, his doctor said, “If you believe in miracles, this would be one.” This anecdote also proves the greatness of what we humans do not understand, but love to receive.

Another great example of the simple miracle is the common “leap of faith”- something in the human mind that is based solely around belief. Though the ends of these events are completely unpredictable, there is only one good in the mind of the person who is taking a leap of faith. Something more astounding is that they usually end up with their expected result, no matter how much toil they have to go through first. For people, this ideal can also be exactly what proves to them that there are miracles.

And I believe all of these ideas sum up to one thing- that miracles are. That miracles exist, and that they are good.