Fast, Faster, ok just Stop

Benjamin - york, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Is faster always better? This is the question I go over before starting a project. The importance of this questions I ask myself is, get everything done early so you are never late. This I believe.

If you are going and really rushing to do something or need to study something, it is always better. One way I learned this is I tried to cram everything into my head before a test. The better thing would have been to study over a long period of time but knowing me I deal with what I can. My teacher always loves to laugh at those students and you could imagine that he love to laugh at me. I begged and pleaded him to hold off the test but he always says, “You had time to study this all this week.” Is what I usually hear from him? So as I’m taking the test I ask myself was, was speeding through my notes worth it? I find myself with yes it was worth it.

When my Bar mitzvah was over I hear my mom yelling down to me, while I’m on the computer, “Ben start your thank you cards.”

I’m thinking ‘well if I get h hem down now I won’t have anything to do next week or should is it hears and procrastinates?’ I end up deciding to get the cards done now. “Early bird gets the worm” I say to myself.

Another time I show faster is better is I have read books before the teacher even gave out the assignment. This relates to my beliefs in, quicker is better, and because it feels like another weight has just dropped off my back. And it lands on the ground with a big thump. This is the feeling that I enjoy.

If I were going to get something that I could do. What would I take? Thirty seconds or five minuets? I would take thirty seconds. Here’s another example. Is you are just standing at the pencil sharpener, do you want to sharpen your pencil fast and end up with a good tip or would you rather sharpen your pencil slow and still end up with a good tip?

All in all it doesn’t matter if it’s writing thank you cards or sharpening your pencil there or reading a book; faster can always be better. Writing something fast and getting the same words down is the best way to go instead of write something slow and get the same words down, if you’re me of course. In my books, slow and steady will never win the race.