Prejudice and being Judged!

Haley - Waco, Texas
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

This I Believe

Do you ever just walk down the hallway and feel like everybody is staring and laughing at you? Do you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you’re not good enough? Why am I not accepting others for who they really are?

As a teenager I have been prejudice, and I have been judged in some sort of way. That is also every other teen’s story we all judge and have been judged. As little kids we accepted each other for who we were, and not how we looked, dress, or acted. Growing older we all have grown up, changed, and become people we all hoped we never would.

In my own life I have been judged, and I have been judgmental towards other people. People have judged me as prep or snob, but that isn’t really who I am. I hate it when people mistake me for something that I am really not. So why is it that if I hate being prejudged; why am I prejudging other people? Its human nature to judge, but I think there is times that I may judge just because my friends are judging the other person. Being judged makes you feel horrible inside; it shouldn’t make you feel better at all, unless they seem to be judging in a nice, encouraging way. But lets be real how much does that happen in a middle school today, maybe a couple times, but that’s it.

I have also been judgmental towards some of the coolest people. Usually the people that I am judgmental towards are the Goths/Emo teens. Yea maybe they dress differently and do different stuff that I don’t do, but that doesn’t make them bad people. There was a girl in my school that I judged, and finding the truth about her is totally different. From what she may appear, and what I expected her to be like. She doesn’t look at the clothes the person is wearing, how much money the other person has, yet she looks at their personality. She doesn’t try to judge people for who they seem to appear as. I respect that a lot because that shows truly how someone cares. Finding that yes she may dress differently, hang out with different people and do different stuff, doesn’t make her a bad person in reality she is really cool and caring. Yes its human nature to judge people, but I wish I could look at the person behind the clothes.

I hope that in the near future we (myself included), can work on not being judgmental. Some of the coolest people may be the people that we may mistake as doing drugs or hating the world. In my life that is true, I have mistaken some really cool people for something that there really not. I feel bad because I hate being judged for something that that I’m not, so I hope for myself that I stop being judgmental and start accepting people for who they really are, and not for what they appear to be.

“I believe that we should look at the people behind the clothes and not what is on the outside.”