My Mistakes

Coby - Robinson, Texas
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

I believe there are valuable lessons to be learned from mistakes. Many mistakes and problems have helped me understand why there are people that mess up in their life because they either didn’t really care, or they didn’t think. These mistakes have taught me to take second guesses, or think twice before I act because the things you do or say could really mess you up in the future.

At school I have learned to not mosey around for half the semester and get my work done on time so that I won’t have to catch up during the other half of semester. I then would have to give up one of my favorite activities to just hope I make it to the next grade. This has taught me to always take in what my parents say, or what the teachers says so that I can make it to the next grade.

I learned the hard way not to trespass. One day my friends and I were outside when we discovered an abandoned house that no body owned, or rented. We went to check it out, and there was nothing to really make out of what happened in the house. We thought we needed some light in the attic so two of us went to the roof and we saw some tile removers and a hammer so we tore the tiles and nails completely out of the roof. The next day we went back because we didn’t think that anybody noticed what happened. We went back and there wasn’t much to do. We decided to bolt for it when we saw a woman standing at the front door , but that didn’t work. We got caught, and the lady wanted to go ahead and call the cops. However, the guy that actually owned the place said all we had to do was pay him and work it off. This has taught me to trust somebody’s word or words.

Another previous mistake I have made is letting my friends take control of me. It may have been a girl friend, a best friend, or just a friend that I hang out with. Nonetheless I let them take control of me they chose the clothes I wear, the way I act, and the way I laugh. They choose who I can hang around, or the one single person that I can be around, they even try to get me to do things that I really don’t want to do.

In my14 years I have learned about life, respect, how to earn respect, friends, and school. I still have a lot to learn from my mistakes and learning how to deal with the punishment. I’m still learning to think twice before I act. If an action doesn’t make since, then maybe I shouldn’t do it at all. The mistakes that you make could really mess you up in the future, or maybe for the rest of your life. I will learn from my mistakes. This I believe.