To Believe in One’s Self

Ryan - Orangvale, California
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Every day, we as people face challenges everyday that seems to tug and pull at our self esteem. We sometimes come to a breaking point where we lose all hope and we give up. This type of mindset is present in many people in our society. Depression is an issue that plaques a lot of Americans. People are not happy with their lives and they lose all hope and trust within themselves; they don’t believe in themselves anymore.

To explain we see many people with deadly diseases like cancer, aids, etc. Fundraisers and people have helped these people so much that they feel that life is worth living again. I myself have been involved in numerous fundraisers to help people with aids, and cancer. But, when I see these people I am shocked to see how people are so supportive of them that they can overcome this disease and live on for many more years even though the odds are against them. They believe in themselves, just as their family and friends believe in them.

There were times where I didn’t believe in my abilities and just gave up; of coarse it got me nowhere. Those that do not believe in themselves will tend to be suicidal if they don’t overcome whatever is troubling them. Why give up and die when life on earth can give us so many opportunities; its your life, do as much as you can before your gone. Never give up, always look at the glass half full. Negativity will always attract negativity.