Love and Belonging

Kelly - Spokane, Washington
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love

When you ask yourself, “What is the most important thing in my life?” What did you come up with? Was it your family, girlfriend/boyfriend, job, car, or maybe even lifestyle? I have learned that everything we do is based on a basic need. These needs are survival, love and belonging, fun, power, and freedom.

To me, the most powerful need is the combination of love and belonging. A belief in love is a whole subject altogether, but what about belonging? If you can’t identify with love, I know that you want to feel like you belong somewhere or with something. If you lose love, you may feel lonely or become depressed. How is your job or life affected by this? You may get over this feeling of depression, as you try to get involved with other things to keep your mind off of the subject. Can you see this belonging need being fulfilled? I have to say that learning to forgive and love yourself is an important step. It is a key to growth. How can you show someone that you love them, or that you want to belong? If I was to say, “I Love you”, How would you feel? Sometimes actions do speak louder than words.

I have had many relationships that have hurt me. To fully surrender is to be vulnerable. There is one relationship that has hurt me the most. This is the relationship with myself. I have always tried to apply my understanding to others, and then base my emotion on the responses. The happiest I have been has been when I just was me. What I mean is that I didn’t try to “perform” to the situation. At times I felt like I had to “work” to keep the relationship strong. This is where it falters. My emotion tells me that I don’t belong, so I attempt to manifest things to make it appear different. To bring all this mumbo-jumbo together; I can make myself happy by loving and belonging to myself. Respect yourself and others, and you will feel your love and belonging need being fulfilled.