truman - robinson, Texas
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity

I believe in doing the right thing all the time because if I do the wrong thing it will come back and haunt me. If I do the right thing, I don’t get in trouble and nothing will come back to haunt me.

One time, while I was playing darts, I did the right thing by telling the truth which most people do not do. While playing darts the person I was playing against wrote down a score that I did not hit. I told him that I did not hit that score, and to erase it. He tried to be nice and let me keep that score, but he had taught me earlier not to do that so I would not accept his offer. He ended up erasing the score, and also loosing. I felt good for no cheating.

It was kind of the same situation; I was playing pool when I sunk a ball that I did not mean to sink. I told my mom that I sunk the wrong ball, and that it was her turn. I was a little kid so she tried to let me go again. I was trying to be really good and learn the rules so I refused to go. I felt good about doing the right thing, and finally learned how to play pool really good. Oh yeah, somehow I ended up winning that game against my mom regardless.

Another time in the 6th grade, we were about to take a test in Social Studies. I quickly wrote down some answers on my hand, but I instantly felt guilty about doing so. I asked the teacher, “Can I go to the restroom and wash my hands.” “Why”, she asked. I hesitated, “Because I wrote some answers on my hands.” She said, “Thank you for being honest. Go wash your hands.” I washed my hands and took the test. Even though I failed the test with a 69, I still felt good about not cheating.

Doing the right thing feels great. In all of those situations I chose to do what’s right, but if I were to lie and cheat I might have continued on that path, ending up going to jail/prison. I am so glad that I did the right thing, and I feel great about myself for doing so. I think that believing in something is important because it gives you something to live by. This is a good belief to have because it keeps you out of trouble, makes you happy, makes you confident, and makes you responsible for your choices.