how to be respectful and trustworthy

Dude - 76706, Texas
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
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This I Believe

MY belief about respect is when I see adults that I don’t know or I see things that aren’t mine, I have learned that I need to respect them. I like to treat people as I would want to be treated. I respect somebody for their beliefs, or what they do, rather than what they say.

When I think someone is doing something the wrong way, I usually just ask if I can help and try to show them my way of doing it, but if they cant do it, then I don’t get mad. I just let them do it the way they know how and were taught.

When I do respect people they will learn that they will be able to trust me, with what I do more often. If I borrow something that is not mine, I also need to respect it, the way I would want people to respect my belongings. Like I said, if I treat other people’s belongings and them as I would want to be treated, because if I do so it is going to be easier for them to trust me.

Ok here is an example, What if someone had something of mine or says I had something of somebody’s, and I broke it, they would not want me borrowing there belongings anymore, because they would know that I am not responsible with their belongings at all.

I would not like that very much, and so wouldn’t you. Would you?

If I was to learn how to respect people’s belongings the first time, then maybe they will be able to trust me more with their belongings. They would also know that I was responsible for what I have or use. That’s the good thing about respect, but then again there is also a bad side about respect and trust. What if I broke something of mine? It wouldn’t matter to me, because it would be mine. So that is the difference of my stuff when I borrow someone else’s belongings. To show you I will use another example. So what if someone let me borrow there stuff and I broke it. How would they be able to respect me anymore, and think that I was responsible with someone’s personal stuff, and be able to use their belongings anymore either?

Although, if I respect it the first time, they would not have to worry about me using any of there belongings anymore without breaking it. They will be able to trust me and they will have my respect and honesty. This is why I just show respect, and that I’m trustworthy the first time, and that I will be responsible, and that if I do so that my life will be a whole lot easier. Also easier to deal with for as long as I live.

Trust me I know from experience, and I have learned to respect anybody, and everybody that I meet, and I will do so for as long as I live. The reason for that, is because it is a great thing to do!

When I see that person again its nice to hear that when their talking to my parents I get to hear them brag on me all day long, and it also makes my parents feel like their the best parents ever, because they hear other people bragging on how well mannered I am and that they like me and I am a good kid. Also complement the parents on how well they have raised me, and that we are so good at doing what we are told be my parents. This is why I am going to respect anybody and everybody I meet, because one day it will come around to my parents and I will get to hear on how well mannered I am, and how great my parents have raised me, and how well respected I am towards my friends parents, and that I do what they tell me to do, when they tell me to do it.

I also respect people for what they are on the inside, and it’s not the outside that counts. Everybody can be cool are nice, or whatever, but I figured out what the old saying means “it’s not what’s on the outside that counts it what’s on the inside that does”. That is the truest saying that I have ever heard in my whole life, but that’s my opinion and that’s what I believe. That’s what I will always believe no matter what anyone else tries to tell me. I will never listen any different!

My parents have taught me better than that as well as my grandpa. My grandpa was the best person in this whole world besides my parents, and he always told me to be nice no matter who it is, because one day I will need them, and if I’m mean to them guess what they wont be there to help me with what I need help with are if I have a problem they wont be able to help me with it. He also said if I’m nice to them and except them for who they are no matter what, they will always be there for me at all times, and help me out even how bad or how good of person I am.