Love Can Destroy

Ashton - Robinson, Texas
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Is love really the best thing for a person? Is it really the key to happiness in life, or is it the slowest and most painful death a person can go through? In this world there are so many things to dwell on, and losing someone I love can be the worst.

When someone I love and care about dies, I know it’s going to be okay. They’re in a better place, watching over me, loving and laughing with me. What if they don’t die? It still causes the same amount of pain and heartache. Figuratively, I’ve lost them. I can’t get them back so then what? Do I stay upset or do I move on?

I believe that love can destroy a person. Destroy their good thoughts, feelings, dreams, and hopes. It can be the best thing for them or it can be the worst. But to me it all depends on how I look at it. It could be a positive thing, giving me another chance to start over with someone new. Or I could let it destroy the person inside of me. I want to have a positive outlook on the negative things in my life.

Love is everything life is based on. Isn’t it? I need love and support of my family and friends to get anywhere in life, especially right now. When you’re a teenager, the smallest thing could seem like the weight of the world has been dropped on your shoulders. When someone I love gets torn from me, my life feels like a movie. One of those movies where the main character has only gotten hurt and nothing good happens until the very end.

I have not just lost a person. I’ve lost part of my life, a piece of my heart, and a part of the person I am. That’s only if I’m willing to let that happen.

My dad has been in and out of my life since I was born. He came back into my life last June. Everything was going great until he got a new girlfriend. The promises he made were broken. He left me for her. My broken heart forced me into sleepless nights, a couple horrible depressions, and a few hundred tears. From this experience I’ve learned that love can destroy me. I don’t have to let things hurt me; I don’t always have to be sad.

Sure, in my life I’ll have heartache, but it doesn’t have to continue forever. It won’t last forever. A person is as happy as they want to be. I want to live my life to its fullest potential. With the love in my life I have to be careful. Just because I’ve been hurt in the past doesn’t mean I have to stay hurt in my future. Love can destroy me and it will, if I let it. This I believe.