Kandace - Robinson, Texas
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I believe that you should never lose hope no matter how hard and emotional the situation is.

I Believe this because of my sister, Michelle.

She has had a very tuff time caring children in the wound.

Her first child, Chasity Dru, she was not full term and had a little bit of problems.

Her second baby, Justin Zane, Was not full term either and had asthma and some herding problems.

All the Doctors told her that she should not have any more kids for a while in tell she gets better.

When she went to try to get her tubes tide the doctor there told her no that she was to young.

So of course about four months later her comes her big belly again.

I remember that day very well first she was at Athens ,TX hospital and they said it was to risky.

So they care flighted her up to Dallas’s Children’s Hospital.

When she was giving birth a boy biblical name came to her mind “Caleb Ugean”.

The Doctors did not think they could save Michelle so they had to ask her husband which one to save.

Her husband, Chase, told the Doctors to save her because she already to kids at home.

So then about four hours later my sister and this beautiful baby boy come out of her room

They saved both of them we where so happy.

Caleb was very sick, very tiny and had a lot of problems.

Except for, Caleb ugean, was very sick and had to stay at the hospital for two long months.

My sister finally got her tubes tied and got married two years later, we where all happy.

Four days after her wedding she had a doctors appointment, the doctor told her she was pregnant.

She called mom screaming and crying we where so scared we prayed that some how she would make it.

We prayed and hoped and got her all the help we could.

We also found out she had been pregnant for a while about four months.

So then about five months later she had a beautiful 8.5 pound baby.

We where so happy this baby was the healthiest baby they had ever had.

I think we would not have Jayden or Michelle if it was not for faith, hope, and prayer.

I believe that you should never lose hope no matter how hard and emotional the situation is.