Katie - Robinson, Texas
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: integrity


Have you ever felt guilty because you did something wrong; or that you did something wrong and lied about it?

I believe that everyone should grow up with integrity and, that the words I speak are based upon my actions. Integrity means to tell the truth no matter how bad things can get.

My Mom told me a story about when she was in high school, one day she skipped class and the teacher saw her as she walked by; but did nothing. She then went to go tell the teacher what she had done and dealt with the consequences. In this situation she felt guilty about what she had done and took the consequences, no matter what the punishment was.

Another example of integrity means, that if your friends are trying to get you to steal something and; you know what is right and you decide to walk away. That’s integrity, knowing when to walk away when you know something that is not right.

Always tell the truth because no matter what, somebody will always find out.

One time when I was younger, I hit my sister and then ran off, but I got caught. My Mom asked me if I had hit her, and of course I said, “No”. When I said that, I did not look her in the eyes, so she could clearly tell that I had lied. I have learned now that telling the truth would have been better because I would not have had to deal with the punishment. Since I lied, I still had to deal with the consequences.

Consequences; yes, sometimes they are bad, but knowing that I did something wrong and I dealt with the punishment. Will make me fell better inside knowing that I took the responsibility by telling what I did wrong. Always tell the truth because the truth is always best, and people will be able to trust you by the words you speak.

A couple weeks ago my Mom asked me if I had done something and, I told her the true answer. Then by telling the truth I got more responsibility and privileges. If you tell the truth people will be able to trust you.

Integrity means more than just telling the truth but also to do the right thing even if nobody is watching, this I believe.