Respect For The Overlooked

Connor - Red Lion, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

Respect For the Overlooked

People are as self-centered as a famished bear who stumbles upon a slaughterhouse. However, I believe in respect for the overlooked. People are so proud and just don’t care. “Oh, the world is ending? At least I’ll be dead before that happens!” What is wrong with these people? They need to open their eyes.

I know that you have to look out for yourself, but try to look out for others too. I once had a friend named Eric, he wasn’t exactly perfect, he wasn’t exactly normal either, and everybody just laughed at him. I was disgusted. “Why don’t people just lock him up and use him in the circus,” I once said to my friends, yet they thought I was just kidding. Eric would always be waiting for a drink and be saying, “One, two, three! Please move!” Nobody did, they simply laughed so hard they could have given themselves a heart attack.

People also throw trash right on the ground and can walk away happily. Why don’t they just go home, call a dump, and make their backyard a trash pile; would they like that? Other people beat animals. Then they leave the animal to die. Good people find them and bring the animal to a safe place, but do the bad people get caught? What happened to respect, even for the things that don’t stick out? I believe in this.

Overlooking a “problem” is very sinister and shows no respect for it. People are praised for being optimistic, but optimism means putting stuff off. Sure, it can be useful when cheering somebody up, but not when facing a problem head on. I, myself, am an optimistic person, but I never say, “The world is perfect,” or, “Oh, at least we TRIED!” I simply put on a smile but get serious during work. Optimistic people have no respect for small problems, they just rationalize. I’m not saying that it is bad to be optimistic, but these people could look at a problem and take it down without rationalizing. I am sounding pessimistic right now, but that is not good either.

Pessimistic people overlook a problem their own way. Instead of rationalizing, and getting at least a little done, they have absolutely no respect for the certain problem. The pessimists exaggerate its significance, and in essence, they forget the assignment and completely rant on and on about how idiotic it is. Pessimistic people get nothing done for a long time and they overlook their problem by doing the opposite of rationalizing, they overlook the ethics.

There are too many problems being put aside and ignored. I believe in regard toward these ignored things. Too many bad occurrences happen where nobody does a thing to stop it. Sure, many things get respect, but not by a self-centered person who neglects it all. Believing in respect for the neglected is important to me. People are just one big, hungry bear that would do anything to get what it wants, without acknowledging any other problem.