There shall forever be hope

Michael - York, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

In the world the air seems to be filled with sorrow, pain and sadness. Yet in the overpowering suffering, there is an ocean of hope all around us. And each drop of that ocean is one person’s own. Every person has their own way of finding their hope be it through sadness, through joy, or through the understanding of their own life. I believe that there is always hope and that it will prevail more often than not.

My belief was forged through the sad understanding of my own life. Being a person of short stature, I am not all that popular amongst the kids at school. Teased horribly, I would complain, and no one would believe the small kid standing before them. The usual response would be “Teasing! We don’t have that here!” despite each dismissal my hope would grow, the belief in the fact that life couldn’t be like this forever. And sure enough the other kid’s jeers subsided and hope prevailed.

This belief in hope has helped me, in the words of William Penn, “never give up when there is hope, and because there is always some rush toward what you hope for.” This simply means that if I have been “fenced into the corner” than I am going to jump in to the problem. Here, hope has also prevailed in a way that might be considered divine intervention. There has been many a time when I forgot about an assignment and went to school the day it was due. This of course is complete lunacy because if you’re absent the school gives you an extra day, yet my belief is strong. Then right when we expect that it’s time to turn in the project, the teacher moves the due date. All the time my friends get annoyed because I win a lot of contests. I just reply casually, “Hey, I’m just really lucky.” But luck doesn’t exist. It is just that hope prevails more often than not and that hope is everywhere.

Hope is everywhere and it takes a different form for everyone. For me it it’s fencing at the YMCA Gymnasium. Between school and just living at my house you have to really hope for something to take your mind off of life. Ironically for me, “redouble Mike! You’ve got to learn to redouble!” in the demanding tone of my coach really helps me focus.

So that’s it. Through sorrow, through pain, and through sadness, there is that speck of hope. There is always hope and it prevails more often than not. This I believe.