Faith - Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Entered on May 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that only Jesus Christ satisfies the void in our hearts.

Every day we as humans look for things to fulfill our desires and needs, to make us happy. Following diets makes us think that if we are the perfect weight our life will be better in some way. There is also, of course, alcohol, drugs and sex. Fishing for compliments even pleases us, being accepted and admired for a period of time. We even run after things to satisfy us that seem healthy to pursue with all of our hearts such as sports, academics, and creating the best future that we can. Not that being satisfied is a bad thing, of course it is a good feeling and state to be in.

The problem is, not one of these things ever have or ever will satisfy us permanently. We all know how addictions go, the more we use drugs, have sex or drink alcohol, the more we crave it, the more unsatisfied we become with it, needing more and more. Being complimented and accepted makes us smile, but that smile doesn’t stay for all of life. Anyone can agree that nothing on earth can satisfy us 100% in our lives.

If not one thing can satisfy us for our entire life, are not we constantly chasing things to fulfill that need and desire inside of our human hearts? I think, then, the question of what our purpose on this earth is would make sense. I believe that the only thing to satisfy this need in us is the thing that created us. Doesn’t it make sense that if a created thing, such as a clay pot, were to have a break or a hole in it, that it’s creator be the one to fill that hole or mend the damage, knowing exactly how it was made in the first place and for what purpose? I believe that there is one God of all the universe that is the creator of all things and all people, that is all sovereign and powerful and desires us to be happy.

I also believe that the one God of all the Earth sent His son Jesus Christ to the earth to fill this void in our hearts. God saw that we, His creation, were chasing after nothing and He loved us enough to send Jesus to die for us, that we may, despite all of our sin, live a full life and also have eternal life after death in Heaven with Him. Like the clay pot, we are broken and God our creator desires to fix us and heal us, to fill that hole in our hearts so that it may be filled with His love and the knowledge and wisdom of Jesus. God knew the things of this world would never satisfy us, thus sending His son Jesus to save us and love us, giving us one thing to chase after for all of life, His son Jesus Christ, where I personally have found an assured eternal happiness.