This I Believe

Nicole - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Entered on May 15, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in the power of teaching. I’ve been teaching now for four years, and I am amazed, delighted, and in awe.

My students amaze me because I’m never sure of the things I believe I will be sure of. They always surprise me. It’s a wonderful thing most of the time. They surprise me with what they know, what they’ve learned, and what they observed watching me teach them. These are the special gifts no one tells you about when you’re sitting in your education courses.

I am delighted by those students and teachers who brighten my day when I least expect it, another gift that comes with the job. (Of course it helps if you are open to those moments when they occur.) I am delighted to teach students who work really hard to get the assignment just right—when they truly put their best foot forward. I am delighted to work with teachers who are as enthusiastic as I am when it comes to what we are doing together at this institution called public high school. And I am truly delighted when I have the support of my boss and her administrators.

Occasionally I am in awe of the amazing, giving souls I am fortunate enough to work with everyday. These individuals give so much of themselves in every minute of their capacity at our school—it is truly amazing.

We all work so hard at what we do—we are a family taking care of one another, and we wonder if the outside world will ever truly get that. Meanwhile we’ll continue teaching and nurturing their children.

I believe in the power of listening, observing, and learning. I believe in the power of teaching.