The Environmentalist in All of Us

James - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on May 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that the decisions we make as individuals affect us a a community, as a country, and as a world united as one. I have forged this great realization through my affection for the environment. There has been many experiences that have made me that ever dreaded hippie, liberal, tree hugger. Probably the first and foremost was my happening of seeing the Al Gore film, “An Inconvenient Truth.” I walked into the theater upon my mothers request and apathetically took my seat. The movie started, and a full hour and thirty minuted later, I came out a changed person. That movie lit a speak of awareness inside of me. Although it was ‘just a movie’ and ‘too political’ for some, this movie left me dumbstruck. It showed me how the planet was in peril and how we all must make decisions as individuals that may make our lives harder but in the end will form a more perfect world. That led to a domino affect; striking down the domino of change. I changed my lifestyle enough that my lifestyle changed me! I started to think about how I go about life really matters to other even though it may not directly affect me. I did little things such as start an Awareness Campaign at my school, and showed my concern for the environment in my Student Council speech. I also took issues that I felt strongly about and went after them a hound chasing after a rabbit. I went to the Ladue City Council to advocate for curbside recycling. I spoke about the benefits of recycling. I preached how recycling reduces waste, conserves energy, and brings economic benefits to the city of Ladue. Although the council didn’t take me seriously, this is how my belief manifested itself. I find this example particularly life changing for me. It showed me that if I want something done, I have to take that responsibility into my own hands and get it done. I will strive to continue my work for mother nature throughout the years until I can advocate no more. I believe that my belief can and should apply too everyone from politicians to office workers. Because after all, the decisions we make as individuals affect us as a community, as a country, and as a world united as one. Now this I believe.