Love Lesson

Lorena - Herriman, Utah
Entered on May 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

When people ask the question, “What do you believe?” It’s hard to pin point one thing. In my mind you have to believe in everything. When you go to sleep you have to believe you will wake up, and the sun will shine. If you don’t, maybe it will not rise the next day. So I decided, with this paper, to write about a belief that I put into my soul and heart.

“I believe in order to love others you must first love yourself.”

Let me take you back two years ago. She was a sophomore in high school completely in love with a boy. Kelly was his name; he was the complete opposite of her. Kelly was a very logical thinker, he would never imagine, just go with what reality said. He wanted to make good money, and live in the country for life. She always thought with emotion, using her imagination often and never using reality. She wanted to make great money and live in the city for life. Despite the truths, everyday they said, “I will love you forever, and one day we will get married.” All these words they promised and told each other. That was on day one, day two changed.

A text message received from 900 miles away read; sorry baby, I can’t lie to you anymore, I don’t love you and I never want to see you again. One year and this is the conclusion. She was completely heart broken. She couldn’t eat, and everything made her cry. She lost over 15 pounds in two weeks because of stress and depression. Her whole world had collapsed for a boy. Sad? No, pathetic.

Three years ago my best friend committed suicide. His reason was not drugs, or depression, instead, a girl who had broken his heart. His solution to a broken heart was a car turned on in his own shut garage. No crying, just death. A broken heart caused Jj to never graduate, never go on a mission, never get married, never be a father, and never be a son or friend again. When I go to Jj’s grave I realize truth, if Jj really loved that girl he would have never done that to himself.

The previous story about the girl in love, was me. I let some dumb boy run my life. When I think about it, all I loved about him was his promises and compliments. I just liked someone loving me. Day three, I looked into the mirror and said, “You’re beautiful, amazing and almost perfect. Anyone in the world would be happy to be with you.” I now love myself.

Love your self = Love others