This I Believe

Marques - Vail, Arizona
Entered on May 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love


I believe that two people were meant to together until one dies. Love is a very powerful factor and can have the ability to control us humans. Love is what makes us humans. With love it will bring peoples’ feelings together and makes the world a better place. If there is no love there is no life, and if there is no life there is no world.

In the beginning of first grade if you were the fastest you would be popular and girls would love you. That somebody was me. It happened in second grade too, with the same person. She was a blonde hair blue eyes girl who always wanted to be around me. I got really annoyed by that. Once you get into fifth grade everything is about looks and the clothes you wear. And from what I’ve seen and hear when your older it’s about your personality. People that were in my fifth grade threw sixth grade class always talk about how they like someone when it turns out to be they really don’t, that gets me thinking that was dumb and really not necessary. It makes me think to myself what can love do to you and why is it doing this. Adults say that you are to young to be in love or marry someone, even though they have probably done the same thing when they were young. Divorces that happen around the world happen because of some dumb reason like, you the person doesn’t do anything around here or why do you buy me cheap things. If you married that person then you need to stick with him or her for the rest of your life. I see people in real life and on television where they just marry each other for the money. What they do is marry each other get a divorce and take half of the money. This is a cold hearted thing to do to someone when the other person really loves you.

In the end of this if you love someone you’ll pick the adult way to pick the right person, pick on there personality. Don’t pick the one who your parents pick or who your friends want. Love is what makes people nice and keeps the world n balance. Without it we would be lost. Love is a powerful thing don’t let it control you and make you choose stupid decisions.