Confidence and Support is Key

Masha - St.Louis, Missouri
Entered on May 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I strongly believe in having confidence and support in yourself. Not only is it important and builds self esteem, but in a way it makes you more self reliant. I first started to have confidence and support for myself when I started swimming, and started swimming long races at meets. As I am getting closer to finishing a race, getting tired, and doubting that I will win, I start telling myself come on! You can do it, only a little more too go, and think of the medal or ribbon I will receive for working so hard. Or just the high fives and, “wow, nice race Masha” from my teammates. But to me, the most important thing is that I listened to myself and pulled my own weight by supporting myself through the race.

Being in swim meets isn’t the only time my self confidence and support shine through. There have been so many events where my family was going through rough times. Some of them, my whole family was in pain and needed alone time to think and be there for themselves. I wanted to but didn’t let myself fall apart and let everyone circle me, think about my feelings, and only comfort me. So I took care of my own feelings by myself. I comforted myself, I was there for myself, and there for my family. They saw this in me and they wanted to take an example from me. This only brought us closer as a family. We could care for ourselves and our feelings, and when we did feel like we needed someone to talk too, everyone didn’t throw out all their feelings. They laid them out without pressuring one another to forget about themselves. We had already comforted ourselves and didn’t need as much comfort as we would have if we didn’t support ourselves and weren’t confident in ourselves.

There are many things you should be, brave, nice, caring, etc. but the two most important things are being confident in yourselves and supportive of yourselves. Because when no one is there to support you and make you feel confident, you only have yourself to rely on.