Never Look Back

Baily - Cantrall, Illinois
Entered on May 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Many people won’t stop looking back on what they did wrong. I believe that you should never look back on what you did wrong but forward to what you need to do right next time. If you look on what you did wrong it just gets you down, and you can’t stop thinking about it. Plus, you get distracted from the game. But, if you do something right you forget about what you did wrong and you become confident in yourself. I know, because I used to be one that looked back on what I did wrong.

Once I was in a basketball game and I kept missing baskets. After the game I got mad at myself because we only lost by a few points. If I would’ve made those baskets we would’ve won the game. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It just kept popping into my head.

I have made many mistakes by looking back on what I did wrong and the person who finally stopped me from looking back was one of my basketball coaches. He wrote a page for my basketball team to tell us what we should do at our next game, and one of his sayings was, “Keep your head in the game and if you miss a basket or make a mistake on the court don’t look back and learn from what you did wrong. If you look back it won’t help any unless you keep improving from your mistake. All it will do is put you on the bench because you are not staying focused in the game”

After that at almost every game we were down at half time. My mom (our coach) would say, “OK guys, don’t pay any attention to the scoreboard. It’s now zero to zero.” (Even though it wasn’t zero to zero) “Try to make one bucket at a time. Hands in. One, two, three. TEAM!” She said this because we were all getting bummed out and distracted from the game and the scoreboard was no help it was also distracting us since we were losing.

Once my friend blamed our loss on herself because she missed a basket. She thought that if she would’ve taken two steps in towards the basket from where she was already standing she would’ve made it. If she would have made that basket we could have won that game. But even if we had won that game, the important thing was the lesson my friend learned, which was to learn from her past mistake. In other games after that she had thought about her mistake so much that it became a habit for her to automatically take two dribbles in and then take her shot. SWOOSH!

I believe that you shouldn’t look back at what you did wrong, but forward to what you should do next time. You should learn from what you did wrong and elaborate from it, otherwise it gets you down and can distract you from the game.