flase freedom

francesca - plano tx 7504, Texas
Entered on May 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: freedom

False freedom

I believe in freedom; the very word defines who I am. It runs in my blood and is curved in my bones. My history is freedom, but I am not I feel as my ancestor did enslaved but I am not enslaved by a man but myself I have lock the doors to my heart, body, mind and feels. I believe in freedom but I have thrown away my keys. Foolish I am that I scream freedom! Freedom! But I am not free. Let me die here alone and old. No! Free me! Free me! From, me if one can hear then hear me crying out before the one I call witch save me before she kills my soul.

I believe freedom but freedom has given up on me and my family and my family’s family. It hardens my heart and laughs in my face. When did this word I believe in freedom leave me it was when I was very small and no one believe in me. myself of stem fell and I shut everyone out even my family to prove them wrong. This girl was not all sports but I had a brain at first they laughed and joked and my heart hardens and this sweet girl turned sour. To prove them wrong, I would lose my self in me and forget everyone else and that’s what I did. To made thing worst my dad clocked out but that doesn’t stop me.

I believe in freedom to graduate without that man I call dad. What a waste of words to say .I’ll put on that black cap and gown and forget that man but with that I am really free. I am free from bondage of the beast no long does he tears a parts my self stem and kills my dreams but his voice still rings in my hears “shut up!” and quiet. My night of death stop since you left my bed would eat me whole and would stand and watch and laugh. Waiting for me fail I cant I will go far I wall not stop and voice still in my ear but you shut up! You beast you will set me free before I kill my soul for I am the one I call witch I blame the beast for that.

I believe in freedom so I’ll set myself free from that beast and forget you the beast will no longer trap me. No one but me can set my soul free. So I’ll wash my hands of this sin of hate and forgive me. Maybe one day the doors will open a set me from me.