My Ambitions

Randy - Murphy, Texas
Entered on May 15, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

My Ambitions

I believe spirit lives within the beholder. I believe in God, the right to live in a free country, and the freedom of living in America to pursue my own individual ambitions. Being a Christian and growing up in a family who believes in Christian morals reflects me and my beliefs. I don’t go to church every Sunday but the Sunday sermons I do attend, I agree and comply with the minister’s speech and correlation to the Bible’s beliefs. When I leave the Church inspired, I believe in Christ as my savior. Living in America and living under the morals of my house, I will always stand behind my country and for any reason if I’m needed to defend my country I will without hesitiation. I’ve never been alive during a draft, but if one should be called, I will go and fight for the country I grew up and will raise my family in.

Unlike me; my mother did live during a draft and witnessed her two brothers leave her family and go to Vietnam during the 1960’s. This was hard for my mother and has impacted her ever since. She said, “No matter how much I and my mom couldn’t bare to see her two brothers leave; we knew deep down the gut feeling each brother had for their country and family.” My mom has told me this story ever since I can remember stories from my parents. That story will always stay with me forever. This is how I feel about my country and the history with my family and this country.

The available individual ambitions offered to me within this country correspond to the morals of my family. I have always been taught to go to school, get good grades, graduate from high school. and go to college. These goals are privileges offered to me from birth in this country. I will go on with my life pursuing any goal I feel is essential at that time in my life. At my present, I am preparing to graduate from high school and do as I said by continuing my ambitions and going off to college where I will find new ambitions in my life.

I will always respect God, my Country, and my family just as my elders have long before me. I feel I can’t live my life or be the person I am without these morals I have adapted from my family and parents. I will always have faith with the Lord and my family. I will never leave my family during hard times just as I would never leave my country during hard times of war.