A Little Faith

David - Saint Louis, Missouri
Entered on May 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in having a little faith. I believe in having trust in everyone. By definition having faith means a confidence or trust in a person or thing. Having a little faith can never hurt. Actually it helps most people get through the day. Depending on the mailman to get your package to you, before your son finds it on his birthday. Or even your assistant, going to get you coffee for the morning meeting. Either way it’s always good to have a little faith because it helps people get through the day, year, and even life.

Bump after bump, as I rode up the lift. I could see the moguls, tall and icy. I asked my instructor “Is this a good idea?” He nodded but I wasn’t sure if I believed him. We got off the lift a headed down. I did the first couple moguls and I liked it. I went faster and faster down them until I passed my instructor. I even did the moguls by the trees, where they were biggest. The last part was the hardest, it got steeper and steeper. Even though it was steep I thought to myself, “I’m going to tackle this one.” Surprisingly, I did exactly that. At the end I realized that was a lot of fun and thanked my instructor. He was right from the beginning and all I had to do was trust him and have faith.

The count was three and two, two outs and the bases were loaded. As I stirred around the mound I had a thought, “I’m just going to put over the plate and have faith that my team will come through.” I stepped up on the mound and looked at my fielders. They were all on their toes, ready to go. I went into my stretch and delivered. It went right over the plate and “crack”! The batter swung late and hit the ball into right field. Our right fielder ran harder and faster than I’ve ever seen him. He dove in the air, time stopped, skipped a heartbeat, and the ball dropped into his leather Rawlings glove. He stood up with pure amazement on his face that he had caught it. It was over and we had done it. I looked at him and he looked at me and I knew thought to myself: “It’s always good to have some trust.”

Bump after bump, hit after hit, I have learned and now believe even more than ever that it’s always good to have a little faith. To me having faith is trusting someone and believing in them. It can get you through life and help you lead a better one. It doesn’t matter how you do it or with whom, it just matters that you do have a little faith.