Where Hard Work Will Get You

William - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on May 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I live by the belief that, trying your hardest leads to another day. In the past few years I have seen an incredible amount of this belief. The most recent would be Adam “Pac-man” Jones and his trouble off of the football field. On the field he was an incredible corner back, but his real challenge was off of the field. He didn’t try hard at all to stay out of trouble or to monitor what kind of people he was hanging out with. He got into trouble with the law more than once, lost the trust of his teammates and the NFL, which resulted in his suspension. Now he had started on the long road back to regain people’s trust. Also he can start all over with a new team The Dallas Cowboys, if the commissioner allows him to be re-instated. He will never fully regain the respect and trust of everyone but that is just one of the few prices he has to pay for his actions. In Pac-man Jones’ case he didn’t try hard at all off the field so he lost his privileges to play and make money on the field.

Tom Brady is really the model for this belief. He entered the 2000 NFL Draft; the New England Patriots selected him in the sixth round with pick #199. He had to work his way up through the organization by showing the coach that he could handle the load of being the starting quarterback. In his rookie season Brady had three passes which one connect for a total of six yards. In his second year Drew Bledsoe the starting quarterback suffered internal bleeding so he was thrown into the role, which then people realized he was fit for the job. He then made it to the Super Bowl that same year and beat the St. Louis Rams and that was just the beginning. He would then win two more Super Bowls and come so close to a perfect 19-0 in 2007, until the Super Bowl. They would finally fall to the only team that beat them that year the New York Giants. His hard work has not only made him the starting quarterback of the New England Patriots, but an icon throughout the world of where hard work will get you. Also his fame and fortune were just a benefit of his work to get him to the top, because in no way did he get a free ride to where he is now. These show the negative, and positive sides of what I live by they are both practiced throughout the world everyday, by famous and un-famous people throughout the world. If you don’t try your hardest then you have to live with you could’ve done it better and some secret doors might have been opened if you just given that extra effort.